Highlights along the journey of the San Vicente Clinic events.

  • Creation the Brain Injury Unit, as the first monographic centre in Spain dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis, treatment and research into patients with brain damage.
  • Establishment of the pretreatment evaluation Week in 1995.
  • Development of motor, cognitive and behavioural rating scales 1995-1997.
  • Study, development and assembly of the Neurophysiology Laboratory Clinic, 1997.
  • Acquisition of uretero-reno fiberscope equipment with optical video-shooting system, 1998.
  • Study of the brain using Positron Emission Tomography with the team from the Complutense University of Madrid, 1999.
  • Preliminary clinical trial with a cerebral vasoregulation drug, 1999-2000.
  • Creation and registration of the Cajal Foundation Centre for Research into Brain Damage, 2001.
  • Opening of the Centre in Madrid with 40 inpatient beds.
  • Acquisition of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation equipment, 2004.
  • Award for Best Communication, Mapfre Medicine Foundation, March 2005.
  • National Research Award in Clinical Neurophysiology, October 2005.
  • Clinical trial into areas of language and functional MRI, 2006.
  • Regional Symposium on Postconcussion syndrome, Madrid 2006.
  • First Symposium on Cerebral Vascular Disease, January 2007.
  • Clinical trial into Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, 2007.
  • Acquisition of Eco-Doppler Duplex Colour hi-resolution equipment for cervical and transcranial vascular studies, 2008.
  • Walk-Aide Utility System for the treatment of foot drop, 2008.
  • Clinical trial with the REO-GO system for upper limb rehabilitation, 2008.
  • Usefulness of the HL 200 System in paralysis of the lower limb 2009.
  • Usefulness of the HS 300 system in the rehabilitation of the paralysed hand, 2010.
  • Acquisition of H300 equipment for the rehabilitation of the hand. February 2011.
  • Consultation with UNESPA for orthopaedic rehabilitation from road traffic accidents. 2012
  • Consultation with the Madrid Health Service for neurorehabilitation treatment (C.A. BRAIN DAMAGE 2010) 2012
  • Opening of cubicle areas for general rehabilitation using the latest technology. 2013
  • Obtaining the certificate ISO: 9001 in 2013
  • Acquisition of the NEURONUP cognitive rehabilitation platform, 2014
  • Accreditation of SERMAS for outpatients brain injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and respiratory rehabilitation 2014
  • Acquisition of latest technology for swallowing: VitalStim therapy 2014
  • Physical training for the management of ultrasound in rehabilitation: RUSI method 2014
  • Incorporation of optical mouse technology for IT-based disability management 2014
  • Creation of the Master of Arts in Speech Therapy Intervention in Brain Injury: Master in Assisted Reproduction, First Edition 2014
  • Incorporation into the Master of Arts in Clinical Neuropsychology as a centre exclusively for the development of the practices and participation of teachers of the San Vicente Clinic in its third Edition: Master Aten-D 2014.

The effort of the Clínica San Vicente to provide what is known as medical excellence is based on the fact that:

  1. We achieve superior results to other centres by the experience, reliability and safety of the treatments that we have developed.
  2. The treatments and care given to family members puts us in a leading position nationwide in human resource, biomedical and educational terms, since functional restoration is essential to those affected.
  3. During the research we intensified collaboration with other public and private centres, as well as universities, until we were able to make the San Vicente Clinic a centre that is recognised as a place where the best treatment is found.
  4. The methods we use allow us to measure the quality of our care systems.
  5. Medical care and family care managed through rules based on medical evidence and the degree of confidence generated, is how to ensure systematic quality control in the field of health.
  6. The information that we provide on new techniques and treatments are widely disseminated and it means that the care is placed on the highest level.
  7. Precocity in the initiation of treatment, intensity, and multidisciplinary character, are the fundamental bases of the rehabilitative treatment.
  8. We remain alert to technological breakthroughs and the availability of information. The San Vicente Clinic maintains and improves its knowledge in order to provide specific medical care in a safe, effective and high quality manner.
  9. We offer quality, personalized and specific care that provides a high level of respect for the patients.
  10. Continuous research into new techniques, protocols and procedures.