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There are more than 135,000 cases a year in Spain and recovery depends upon the speed with which treatment is started.

Welcome to Clínica San Vicente

Since its creation in 1995, Clínica San Vicente has been a pioneering medico-scientific institution in treating cerebral neurological disorders caused by various illnesses in their rehabilitation, researching and teaching phase, with programmes for both in-patients and out-patients that have achieved autonomy, assisting many patients to successful recoveries. To date, more than two thousand patients have received treatment. 

The techniques and procedures based on medical evidence and the degree of confidence generated are applied by a professional team with long experience in their corresponding specialities within the general framework of treatment. Twelve medical experts, thirteen therapists working in different branches of rehabilitation, six nurses and nineteen nursing auxiliaries undertake these tasks.

We currently offer other lines of treatment in addition to neurosciences, such as processes that require medium to long-term hospitalisation, both due to the number and diversity of the specialists and personnel as well as the quality of care, which at all time complement and guarantee the work we perform.

Experience, technology and human values are the keys in achieving the excellence displayed in the daily activity of Clínica San Vicente, all aimed at obtaining more precise diagnoses, more rapid assistance and an optimum degree of recovery resulting in a better quality of life.

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